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Psychotherapy in Exeter

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People experience difficulties in life. Problems like grief or loss, disappointment, unexpected changes, uncertainty or difficulty in relationships.


Lots of people don’t feel confident in themselves. They might not feel they have processed bad experiences from their past. They might not feel capable of managing what’s happening for them now.


Sometimes people can feel stuck. Thoughts about the future may fill them with dread or fear.


Sometimes problems can take over. It's common to experience anxiety, depression or stress, and struggle to find a way of managing when this happens.  


It’s not easy to do things on your own. Sharing and letting someone in can mean that you’re not alone in dealing with your problems.  And sometimes, someone being there for you makes the situation easier to manage. Friends, family and other means of support are really important.


But talking to people in your life can be difficult sometimes. They might not understand the situation. You might feel that what you have to say is too difficult to share with friends or family.


You might want the freedom to talk in a confidential space, and to know that what you’re saying will be listened to fully. Psychotherapy and counselling are about seeing someone professional to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe space.

About therapy


"Thank you

for the sessions, they have been

so helpful.

It was just so

good to talk to someone as

open as you"

Client testimonal - June 2015

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