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Psychotherapy in Exeter

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Psychotherapy in Exeter

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Hello, my name is Rosie Harris. I practice Relational TA Psychotherapy and I work in the Exeter area. If you work with me, you will experience contact, compassion and safety.  I offer appointments for both individuals and couples.


My goal is to meet clients exactly where they are, in whatever they are experiencing. I don't make any judgements or criticisms. I want to carefully explore what is really difficult for you, approaching whatever issues you are having with a high level of kindness and attention.


I practice using relational Transactional Analysis (TA). This puts the relationship between the client and the therapist at the centre of the work. I'll pay attention to how we impact each other when we talk. You'll be listened to and attuned to, with the support of another person to help you make sense of your difficulties. This way of working can help you to understand why things are impacting you, and how to process and resolve this as much as possible.


I've been practising in Devon since 2015. I currently work at the University of Exeter Wellbeing Centre as part of their free counselling service for students. Prior to that I volunteered at a charity in Exmouth called the Quiet Mind Centre. In terms of my training, I completed a certificate in Advanced TA Studies at the Iron Mill College.


I am confident in working with a whole range of client presentations - from people who are just having a few problems, to those who are looking for something longer term. I have experienced and enjoy working with clients over short and long term contracts. I have a specialty in working with young adults and students. I also work extensively with clients presenting with difficulties in relationship, trauma or distress.


I have been an additional member of staff for the TA Foundation Year at the Iron Mill and speak regularly on behalf of the TA course at open days.